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Pop the bottle, you’re engaged! It’s an exciting time to be you! The champagne is flowing, the congratulations are rolling in, and for several days you’re walking on air until suddenly you realize… you have to plan a party for 200 guests. Trying on dresses and tasting cakes is super fun, but let’s be honest—planning a wedding is a lot of work! Whether you intend to hire a Wisconsin wedding planner or trek out on your own, here are five things you should do first:

5 things to do the moment you get engaged in wisconsin

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I’m guessing you’ve already created a Pinterest board or two (or three!) for gathering and saving wedding ideas. Pinterest is a fantastic platform for collecting and organizing images—you should definitely utilize this free tool. But hold the phone! Before your index finger gets all pin-happy, consider these three reasons to put Pinterest on the back burner and get inspired on Instagram first:

Take it from a pro—your Pinterest searches are littered with clickbait pins and generic wedding trends competing for placement. If you’re looking for fresh, unique posts that will truly inspire you (rather than lure you into a sales funnel) then Instagram is the place to be! Especially because you can...

The wedding professional community has a serious love affair with Insta. I can’t speak for every wedding pro out there, but personally, I consider Instagram the #1 barometer for unique and emerging trends on the wedding scene. If you’d like to quickly find the freshest ideas, why not go where the pros go!? Bonus tip: Once you find one stellar account, simply browse the accounts they follow and prepare for hours of swooning.

Even when you find a particularly good Pinterest board you will inevitably end up sorting through varying themes, styles and color palettes. If you find yourself gravitating towards a particular look, you’ll have a much easier time finding cohesive galleries of your favorite style on Instagram!

1. Put Pinterest on the back burner and spend some time getting inspired on Instagram!

avoid the popularity contest.

...Tap into a community of professionals.

Enjoy cohesive galleries.

For all of the obvious reasons, summer in Wisconsin is a great time to get married. Fall is an equally wonderful season for weddings. But before you pick a date based solely on the weather, consider these three things:

Instead of picking colors simply because they match the season, consider picking the season to match your favorite color palette. Not only will your photographs look stunning, but it’s a surefire way to make fast friends with your Wisconsin wedding planner and florist! Remember to discuss seasonality with your florist before setting your heart on popular stems that aren’t available year-round.

Are you planning to travel towards the equator for your honeymoon? If so, that could be reason enough to reconsider a July wedding! If you’re hoping to save a few bucks (and beat the crowds) do some research and consider traveling during the off-season.

Amidst all the excitement over actually getting married, I’ll bet you haven’t even thought about your anniversary, huh? As a recently married Wisconsin native (and one wrapped in a blanket at all times) I’ll be looking forward to many January anniversaries—what a perfect excuse to plan a sunny vacation every single winter!

2. Consider all four seasons before you settle on a date. (Yes, even winter.)

your favorite color palette.

your honeymoon.

your anniversary.

If you live in Wisconsin you’ve likely attended at least one barn wedding. The lure of the barn may even have you dreaming of your own farm wedding. I’m not here to poo-poo on your countryside dreams (honestly, yay barns!) I only aim to promote the alternatives. Who knows, maybe the venue of your dreams is not what you expected! Here are five unique Milwaukee wedding venues in 2019:

3. Think outside the barn—it isn’t Wisconsin law to get married on a farm.

1. Ivy house

2. the atrium

3. south second

4. good city commons

5. hotel madrid

And if you’re still dreaming of that rustic aesthetic check out my two favorite, unique Wisconsin barn venues:

1. the landing 1841

2. boxed & burlap

You might think that finding wedding vendors sounds like a fun and easy job, but take it from me—stylish couples unwittingly book the wrong vendors all the time. Seasoned wedding planners spend years building vendor relationships and learning how to coordinate gorgeous weddings—if you’ve hired one, don’t take their advice for granted. If you’re planning your own wedding, consider these four pro suggestions before signing any contracts:

4. Take your time finding the *right* wedding vendors.

Don’t discount a vendor because they don’t rank highly! Do some digging! (We’re creatives, after all, not web developers.)

Like I said, go where the pros go!

What worked for your friend may not work for you, or your venue. Ask questions and compare options—you won’t regret it!

...especially the ones who will get up in your grill on your wedding day (your wedding planner, photographer and makeup artist, for example). 

Look beyond the first page of Google.

Search for vendors on Instagram.

Don’t put all your faith on your buddy’s recommendation.

Before you hire them, meet your vendors in person…

I once heard a florist say that the only real difference between any old party and a wedding, is flowers. That is to say, flowers make a wedding day truly magical! Before you even think about DIY floral design (a true sin, if you ask me) consider these options for saving money elsewhere and maintaining a healthy budget for that flower magic:

5. Practice your new mantra: “I must prioritize my floral budget.”

Many venues have special pricing for Fridays and Sundays, especially in the off-season.

It’s common for couples to overlook furniture until they’re faced with a rental and delivery bill for several thousand dollars. Skip the hassle and extra expense by choosing a venue with tables and chairs included!

Sure, your guests would be thrilled about getting free drinks, but is that really what you hope your friends and family will remember about your wedding day? I’d venture a guess that truly stunning floral decor would be much more memorable and special!

Okay fine, I’ll admit I’m a vegetarian with an agenda. Guilty as charged. But honestly, vegetarian food is safer, more affordable, better for the planet and equally delicious! (I promise if you give them cheese and beer, they won’t even notice!)

I hope you enjoyed this list of tips for planning your unique Wisconsin wedding! Stay tuned for more! 

Set your wedding date on a Friday or Sunday.

Choose a venue with furniture on-site.

skip the open bar.

Stick to vegetarian meal options.

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